People Died Building the Brooklyn Bridge?

When we went to see the Brooklyn bridge, we took a subway from Canal Street, which was about 15 minutes. When we arrived, we couldn’t find the bridge right away. It wasn’t in an obvious place where you would find the stairs to go up the bridge like in L.A. I wish they had signs […]

I Kissed a Giraffe at the San Diego Safari Zoo

My husband and I decided to take a trip to the San Diego Safari zoo. We had no clue what to expect. We heard that we can pay to get access in places where there will be close encounters with the animals.  I wanted to always travel to Africa, but this was an opportunity I […]

Places for Selfies in New York?

My husband and I decided to visit New York during Christmas and New Years Day. The city is filled with so much personality. We couldn’t decide on one thing to do because we wanted to do them all in one day. Here is a photo of our plane reservation to New York for Christmas and […]

Ready for the Road Trip to Grand Canyon?

My husband and I decided to take short trip to the Grand Canyon over the Memorial Day weekend. I did not know how much driving was required to get to the Grand Canyon. We didn’t even know how big the Grand Canyon was. To drive from the North to South rim takes hours in a […]

Our Getaway to Catalina Island

I went to Catalina Island only once and had an awkward time there. I say awkward because I went with YMCA and it really wasn’t a vacation, but more of a summer camp that I could not escape from. Anywase, when my husband and I started dating, he suggested that we go on a little […]

Exploring Kyoto Through My Husband’s Eyes

My husband and I went to visit his hometown, Kyoto so he can introduce me to his family. We met in United States, but both of our families reside in Japan. My husband wanted to show me the famous summer festival that occurs every year in his hometown. This festival is called the “Gion Matsuri.” […]

Thinking of Having Your Honeymoon in Tahiti?

My husband I decided on having our honeymoon in Tahiti during Christmas and New Years Day. We debated on going to Hawaii or Tahiti. Our decision was made based on the fact that we probably wouldn’t take our future children to Tahiti. Hawaii would be a place for family vacations. So before we have children […]

Looking to Take a Wedding Photo Session in Japan?

Inspiration for Japanese style wedding

Need Ideas For a Beach Wedding?

Inspirations for beach weddings!