Need Ideas For a Beach Wedding?

  My husband and I planned our wedding in Los Angeles, California where we both live. We decided on a beach theme wedding. My husband especially wanted to have this theme because he is a surfer. I also liked the beach theme because of how beautiful the scenery is, which will symbolize hopefully the joy and beauty in our marriage to each other. After looking at many places and seeing how so many were out of our price range, we decided on having our ceremony and reception at Chart House in Redondo Beach. Here is the website:

Our wedding budget was around $10,000-15,000 and this place was a perfect match for our price range without breaking our wallet. We really didn’t have to sacrifice much to get all of our visions to come true.

Here is the wedding ceremony package: Crystal Cove Beach Ceremonies Pkg

Here is the wedding reception package: Chart House Wedding Package

The Chart House provides a list of other vendors, but I strongly recommend looking at other vendors as well because some of the vendors on the list were pretty pricey even though they delivered excellent service.

We were surprised at how beautiful the hotels were in Redondo Beach. We decided to stay at Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach. Here is the link to the hotel:

Here are some photos we took as we entered the hotel:


Here is a photo inside the room:Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 10.26.27 PM

Photo courtesy:

After I made room reservations, I realized that they did not have large mirrors in their rooms. I asked if they still had bridal rooms available, but they said those rooms were already filled. However, the hotel clerk was able to upgrade me to a larger room with ocean view with no extra charge. They definitely had excellent service.

Here are the photos we took inside the Portofino Hotel for getting ready and our first look. Any place you take inside the hotel is absolutely beautiful. When you stay here and your room is on the ocean side, the sea lions may bark at night. They provide ear plugs in the room if you are disturbed by their noise.

final-11final-6 final-50 final-21final-31   b37_a3Ri_6g1H3P8169cIpSQWFmcgw_AnUBgVyXlTzE final-55 final-71 final-82final-65

We hired our good friend Dustin Lee to take our photos. He is amazing at what he does.

Here is his portfolio:

You can contact him at

Here are the wedding ceremony photos. Since we are Buddhist, we were able to have our chant outside. The weather was perfect. We felt the breeze coming from the sea and the sun gently warming our

final-110 final-111 final-162IMG_0174final-143 final-157 final-186 final-200 final-204 final-214

Here are the wedding reception photos. The view from the restaurant made us feel like we were in Hawaii. Everywhere you look, you were able to see the ocean. Also, the food was delicious. We knew our guests had to be able to eat good seafood and have a beautiful view at the same time.


final-91 final-95 final-97 final-99 final-102final-385 final-388 final-391 final-430 final-438

Here are photos for inspirations on beach wedding:

final-310  IMG_1424

final-236 final-247 final-455 final-461 final-468 final-485 final-69





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