Looking to Take a Wedding Photo Session in Japan?

My husband and I decided to take wedding photos in Japan before our wedding in Los Angeles, California. We were not able to afford the full cost of a wedding in Japan so we took the alternate route, which was to take wedding photos in Japan. The photos themselves will be kept as reminder of our adventure for many years to come. The experience of dressing up in traditional wedding gown with my husband was absolutely amazing. We decided to take the photos in Kyoto, Japan because it is my husband’s birthplace and everywhere you turn has a pictureques scenery. We were fortunate enough to find a company that could take us in last minute. They were so kind and welcoming.

Here is their website: https://www.emarsa.jp/english/index.html

The preparation took approximately an hour and a half give or take. I took the longest getting prepared of course because of the makeup and kimono. I didn’t know how many layers the bride had to wear. At one point I was gasping for air because of the weight of the kimono and how tightly fitted it was around my chest. The outcome was beautiful, but the process in which to prepare myself for the kimono was more labor extensive than I originally thought. Here is a photo of me getting ready.


IMG_4333  IMG_4339

My husband took very little time to get ready. He is wearing a hakama. A traditional attire for men which is more versatile than the wedding kimono because it can be worn for other celebratory occasions. Here is a photo of him smiling because it was a piece of cake 😉 .


Our photo sessions took place in the middle of summer in Kyoto. I will try my very best to display a clear imaginary of the heat I was experiencing in Kyoto. If you could imagine being in a 100 degrees Fahrenheit  sauna with the humidity that can cause you to sweat to the point you drench your clothes, and on top of that to wear 5 layers of thick kimono, then you know where I am going with this. Thankfully, I have a condition that does not cause me to sweat easily so I was able to manage the sweat, but the kimono was a whole another issue to deal with. In the end, the photos did turn out beautifully and the staff did a wonderful job keeping us constantly hydrated between every photo session. It was nice having to be treated like royalty with personal fans and cold green tea with a straw.

Here are many photos taken on the Tatsumi Bridge  http://attractivekyoto.web.fc2.com/galleries_tatsumibashi.html This bridge has been protected by the Japanese government as a cultural treasure. We were fortunate enough to take the photos when there were barely any traffic. Most of the locals and visitors stayed indoors to get out of the heat while we enjoyed the heat outdoors in our thick kimono and hakama 😉


favorite IMG_4046 IMG_4050 IMG_4058

There are photos that were taken in front of the fence where businesses donate to the local shrines in order to have their names displayed and receive good fortune.

IMG_4120 IMG_4129 IMG_4132 IMG_4148 IMG_4169

A photo of us in front of the actual shrine where geisha and maikosan http://www.japan-zone.com/culture/geisha.shtml visit to receive good fortune.

IMG_4110 IMG_4182

During our photo sessions, we were asked to have a conversation with each other as we gaze into each others’ eyes. At first it was uncomfortable, but after awhile we got used it and the photos clearly show us having a great time.

Some pictures were more awkward than others, but they will help us to remember the joy in taking these photos. This photo is taken over the Shirakawa River in Kyoto (named after the Shirakawa emperor). http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3902.html


Here is a photo of us on the red carpet 🙂 No pun intended.


Here are individual photos we took:



In the Japanese culture, women show modesty by not showing their teeth. This tradition dates back from the Samurai period. It is a great feeling to smile and express myself though.

IMG_4085 IMG_4095IMG_4207IMG_4233 IMG_4152 IMG_4153  Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 2.50.10 PM

I think it was worth paying the full price of the package because you get full access to your all photos good and bad. The other option was getting the package with only 1 of your photos.




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