My Unforgettable Birthday Experience!

I got a tattoo on my birthday! I can’t believe I went through with it because I often chicken out on everything I say, but for some reason this time around I decided that I would stick to my decision and follow through. I already had in mind for months what my tattoo would be, […]

Summer is Finally Here So Why Not Visit the Local Beaches!

My husband and I go to the local beaches frequently during the summer so we took the opportunity of the great weather to visit. The first place we went to visit was Huntington Beach in California. Here is link on┬áhuntington beach. They were having a summer festival when we went so we were able to […]

I Ventured Out To Try the Cheese Gratin Udon

This was the second time my husband and I went to this Japanese restaurant called the Marugame Monzo. This restaurant has a lot of great reviews on yelp. I wanted to try a completely different dish this time around, a dish that I would normally not order. This restaurant makes their udon noodles from scratch. […]

I See Colors Everywhere!!

My husband and I go to different 5k runs every year. This year I was invited to go with my friends from my Buddhist organization so I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to exercise and have fun. I used to enjoy going clubbing when I was younger, but now my hobby is going […]

Places You Can Go as a Local Or a Visitor in San Francisco

This is my fifth time going to San Francisco while it was my husband’s first time going. I wanted to visit new places in San Francisco, but I still wanted my husband to visit the famous places here even though I have seen it many times. We really debated on several places to go to […]

Our Experience Yelping in San Francisco

I use yelp everywhere. I hope yelp becomes available in other countries soon. I love this website so much. Anywase, we found 3 awesome restaurants to eat in San Francisco. The first place we went to when we arrived was Hunan House in Chinatown. I loved that it was open till really late. The food […]

Did I Just See a Land of Elephant Seals?

On our road trip to San Francisco, we also saw a land of elephant seals. I was amazed at the number of seals that were laying on the shore. I thought seals were lazy animals because I always saw them lounging around in the sand, but I was very wrong. When I learned that they […]

Why Would We Drive 10 Hours from Los Angeles to San Francisco?

I have been to San Francisco many times, but never took the scenic route. This time we decided that we take the scenic route to San Francisco because it was my husband’s first time visiting San Francisco. We took the route 1 also known as the Pacific Coast Highway all the way to San Francisco. […]

Our First Experience with Airbnb

Before I start raving about how great Airbnb is, let me first explain what it is all about. It is a website for people to host their homes for a certain price and for others who are looking for cheaper alternatives to hotels. Some people actually use this website to find rent for longer stay […]