Our First Experience with Airbnb

Before I start raving about how great Airbnb is, let me first explain what it is all about. It is a website for people to host their homes for a certain price and for others who are looking for cheaper alternatives to hotels. Some people actually use this website to find rent for longer stay such as a couple months. Here is the website if you want to take a look at what Airbnb is all about: https://www.airbnb.com/

I didn’t find out about Airbnb until my husband pointed out to me what it was. I was a bit skeptical at first because I have stayed at hostels before in Japan and didn’t have a great experience. I thought in my mind I would be sharing a room with bunch of strangers. Although there is an option to look for room share, you can look for places where people provide the entire home to stay. I decided that I wanted to stay at a place where I didn’t have to enter a home where the host is currently living in. I wanted to have a hotel experience without the cost of the hotel. We got exactly what we were looking for when we searched for the best place in San Francisco to stay.

We booked with a person who owned several properties in San Francisco. The place we found was in Forest Hills, which is in an affluent neighborhood. The place was close to all the locations we wanted to visit in San Francisco, but away from the main streets where there is traffic and noise. The biggest thing for us along with the price was that they provide parking because we knew it would be a pain to have to find parking after a long day of touring. We wanted to be able to park right in front of the property and not worry about getting parking tickets. The price was just right too! It was $149 a night which was pretty good for what they provided such as parking of course, internet, kitchen, washer, dryer, cable T.V., digital fireplace, toilet with washlet, private entrance, and digital lock to enter property.

I loved that we had a digital lock so we never had to meet the person who owned the property in person, not that I minded, but it wasn’t a hassle to have to wait to receive the key. The owner simply texted me the digital pass code and I was able to enter the property easily without going through any check-in procedures. The place was absolutely beautiful, more beautiful than in the pictures. Everything was brand new and had the latest gadgets.  I know that not all the places provided on Airbnb is as good as this, but looking at the reviews of other places, there were high ratings for cleanliness and hospitality. Here are some photos we took inside our Airbnb rental.

IMG_0529 IMG_0530 IMG_0531 IMG_0532 IMG_0533 IMG_0534 IMG_0535

The check out process was as easy as the check in. We left before the time of check out and I simply texted the owner that I enjoyed her place. After the stay, Airbnb sends you an email to rate the place. I was able to give private feedback to the owner as well as a public review that will appear on the site. I will say one thing that did bother me that didn’t bother my husband was that I found a couple strands of hair on the tub drain and dust in certain places. My husband said that most hotels have the same issue with cleanliness, but I felt that the person who cleaned the place for us to stay could have done a little better. Call me a neat freak, but I believe those little details go a long way for people who are picky about making sure the place is clean. Although I know that there has been people before us staying at the place, I just don’t want a reminder that they were here if you know what I mean. I gave this type of feedback in the private section so that the owner can make adjustments for the next customer.  I thought what was also interesting was that Airbnb allows the host to also rate the person who rents the place. The owner also gave me a private feedback and a public review on how I did staying at her place. It makes sense though. They wouldn’t want to host their space to people who cause huge disturbance or bring in large number of people that were not originally part of the deal to sleep at the place. Overall, I had my first good experience with Airbnb and I hope to use more in the future.


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