Our Experience Yelping in San Francisco

I use yelp everywhere. I hope yelp becomes available in other countries soon. I love this website so much. Anywase, we found 3 awesome restaurants to eat in San Francisco. The first place we went to when we arrived was Hunan House in Chinatown. I loved that it was open till really late. The food was absolutely delicious and it came out relatively quick. Here is the link for Hunan House on Yelp: Hunan House

Here are some photos we took of the food and the place. We ordered the dumplings, House fried rice, and Sweet and sour shrimp. They are apparently famous for their dumplings. The jasmine tea that they served went well with the meals. IMG_0553IMG_0545 IMG_0550IMG_0551 IMG_0552 The next place we went to eat was at Fisherman’s Wharf because you got to go here if you are visiting San Francisco. Anywase, the review wasn’t that great on yelp, but another blogger raved about how authentic the clam chowder was at this restaurant compared to the other restaurants at Pier 39. We took the risk which we normally don’t do if the reviews were low on yelp, but I had to try out the clam chowder and I’m glad I did. It was absolutely delicious! It was creamy and there were lots of chunky clams. I have to say it was a bit pricey, but you are paying for some real seafood so I guess its justified in that way. Here is the link to Fishermen’s Grotto on yelp. I did look through the negative reviews because I was curious to find out why so many wrote badly of this place and it seemed like many of the reviews had to do with the service and not on the food. I did experience some confusion when coming to this place because there was no one to greet us at the entrance. We walked inside and then around and finally found the host and she apparently saw us and was looking for us. I think they should have a greeter standing by the entrance at all time to prevent all the confusions that some people are saying in the reviews.

Here are some photos of the place and the food. We ordered 2 bowls of clam chowder and an appetizer of calamari, which was amazing!!!! The sour dough that they served at the beginning was warm and soft. IMG_0612 IMG_0610  IMG_0613IMG_0616

For lunch we went to Lou’s Cafe. It had one of the highest reviews on yelp. I was really impressed. We had to try the place and we agreed it was delicious. The bread was very crisp and soft and all the ingredients with Lou’s special sauce just came together. The only complaint I would have was that they had a backup of orders which we had to wait for quite some time for our lunch. I felt the wait made us want the food more and when it came, I was so excited.

Here are the photos of the place and the food. The place was relatively small, but we were lucky to find seats quickly. We ordered the Roma’s Club sandwich and Ultimate Omelette Sammi. They were both delicious. I have to say it was the best BLT sandwich I ever ate.

IMG_0713 IMG_0716IMG_0718 IMG_0719


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