Summer is Finally Here So Why Not Visit the Local Beaches!

My husband and I go to the local beaches frequently during the summer so we took the opportunity of the great weather to visit. The first place we went to visit was Huntington Beach in California. Here is link on huntington beach. They were having a summer festival when we went so we were able to walk through the local booths and enjoy the music the band was playing. Here are photos of what we took in Huntington Beach.

IMG_0843 (1) IMG_0845 (1)
IMG_0848 (1)IMG_0850 (1) IMG_0853 (1) IMG_0854 (1) IMG_0855 (1) IMG_0856 (1)IMG_0862 (1)IMG_0867 (1)

We were both craving something sweet so we decided to go to a place where they serve funnel cakes. The place was named exactly what they served. We got a sundae funnel cake with vanilla ice cream and fresh cut strawberries. It was absolutely delicious! Here is yelp link to Funnel House.

IMG_0871 (1)  IMG_0869 (1)

The next place we went to was Redondo Beach pier. This beach is closer to our home so we visit this beach more often. Here is a link to Redondo Beach.

IMG_0320 IMG_0328 IMG_0330 IMG_0334IMG_0335IMG_0338IMG_0341IMG_0342 IMG_0344 IMG_0345 IMG_0357 IMG_0358 IMG_0361 IMG_0362

We ate at a place called Standing Room near the Redondo Beach pier. They are famous for their burgers. One of their burgers actually cost $18.50. The take-out place is actually inside the liquor store. It was tempting to buy lots of snacks as we wait inside the liquor store to order our meals at the Standing Room. Once we finished ordering our food, we waited outside to pick up our food at the window (also known as the whale’s mouth). Here is yelp link to Standing Room.

IMG_0974 (1)IMG_0978 (1)IMG_0977 (1)

My husband ordered the Classic burger and I ordered the Bok Bok sammie. My sandwich had crispy chicken with korean BBQ sauce and fresh spring mix lettuce and my husband’s burger was a normal burger with a very dense beef patty. The burger and sandwich were very juicy so we had to use lots of napkins. It was super delicious!!

IMG_0985 (1)  IMG_0987 (1)


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