My Unforgettable Birthday Experience!

I got a tattoo on my birthday! I can’t believe I went through with it because I often chicken out on everything I say, but for some reason this time around I decided that I would stick to my decision and follow through. I already had in mind for months what my tattoo would be, but I didn’t have a clue where I would get my tattoo. On the day of my birthday, I found a legitimate place to get my first tattoo. Here is a link to the location: Generation 8 Tattoo

Here are the pictures of the tattoo parlor.

IMG_0998 (1) IMG_1000 (1) IMG_1001 (1) IMG_1002 (1)IMG_1003 (1)I was afraid when I first got inside the parlor because everyone was getting tattoos in sensitive areas. One person that was getting a tattoo in the rib area looked like he was in so much pain. I really hesitated at that moment if I wanted to follow through, but I didn’t change my mind.

Although I knew that my tattoo would be on my inner left forearm, it took me a long time to decide the positioning of the tattoo on my arm.  I didn’t realize how many positions I ended up liking. I had a hard time deciding which one to pick, but I decided on having it horizontal instead of vertical.

IMG_1005 (1) IMG_1011 (1) IMG_1015 (1)Boy was I wrong about the pain level of the tattoo! People online said it was like cats scratches on a bad sunburn, but it feels more like someone cutting into your skin, which is pretty much what the tattoo artist is doing. Several needles are poked into your delicate skin to make a mark for the rest of your life. Interestingly enough, the pain was not as bad when the tattoo artist was coloring in the bird because the needle is already inside the skin. Every time she pulled out the needle and put it into a different location, it was very painful.

My tattoo says “free” in cursive and has a shape of a bird at the end. I decided on the word “free” because it represents the stage I am in now. I no longer want to live based on how other people want me to live, but to live a life that I decided for myself. I want this tattoo to remind me every day for the rest of my life.

IMG_1016 (1)

For my birthday dinner, we decided to go to the Grove. I always enjoy strolling around the outside mall even though I usually don’t buy anything. It is such a nice atmosphere hearing the music and people talking outside. The most exciting thing about the Grove is the Farmer’s market. I really wanted to eat there, but it was closing. There are many small restaurants inside the Farmer’s market and many different types of food to try from Brazilian food to Thai food.

IMG_1030 (1) IMG_1037 (1) IMG_1040 (1) IMG_1059 (1) IMG_1060 (1)IMG_1066 (1)IMG_1070 (1)

We decided to go to La Piazza, an Italian restaurant inside the Grove for my birthday dinner. The food was delicious. We ordered a pasta dish with pumpkin squash and a calzone with lots of mozzarella cheese.  It was nice to eat outside and people watch as we were enjoying our meals. It was a wonderful birthday and I hope to celebrate many more years with the people I love.

IMG_1085 (1)IMG_1084 (1)IMG_1075 (1)

IMG_1078 (1)  IMG_1083 (1)

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