Hello Kitty Anyone?

My best friend and I went to the Hello Kitty event that was held in Inglewood, California. It was very interesting to see the ratio of children to adults. I felt like I was in a children’s theme park instead of an adult event. However, it was an interesting experience to see how Hello Kitty provided an venue for its fans to see their favorite characters.

Here are the photos I took of the Hello Kitty event:

IMG_0876 (1)IMG_0877 (1)IMG_0878 (1)

IMG_0667 (1) IMG_0668 (1)

At this booth, they were teaching people how to make rice balls into Hello Kitty shapes with spam. IMG_0879 (1)


It was interesting to see Hello Kitty theme dresses. I don’t know if anyone would wear these, but it was fun to watch. IMG_0884 (1)

IMG_0885 (1)

IMG_0893 (1)

Can you imagine someone’s house being filled with Hello Kitty things? It would look very colorful, but I don’t know if it might become overwhelming after awhile. IMG_0886 (1) IMG_0887 (1) IMG_0888 (1) IMG_0889 (1) IMG_0892 (1)  IMG_0665 (1)  IMG_0898 (1)


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