Time for Summer BBQ!!!

My husband and I helped plan and host the annual summer BBQ with our Buddhist organization. There were lots of delicious food and games for everyone to enjoy.

Here are the photos of the food people brought from home and meat and vegetables that were cooked on site. The chicken and pork strips were marinated in special BBQ sauce that the members had made from scratch at home.

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In Japan, instead of Pinatas, we hit watermelons. The game is called “suikawari” in Japanese. So we decided to integrate some Japanese cultural games into our party by having each person blindfolded and taking a hit at the watermelon with a baseball bat. It was fun seeing everyone give crazy directions to the blindfolded participant. After the watermelon is split in half by the lucky participant, we get to eat the fresh watermelon!



If you are interested in learning more about our Buddhist organization, check out our website here: SGI-USA






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