Midnight at the Orange County Fair

Every year in Orange County, California, they hold a month long fair. The fair is filled with lots of live music, animals farms, dirt bike shows, rides, stores, exhibits, carnivals, hangar, and more. Every year, we go during the day, but this year for some reason the temperature was rising more than usual during the day so we decided to go at night. There were lots of traffic when we were getting off the freeway so we were starving by the time we arrived.

Here is a picture of when we first entered the fair. I didn’t realize how many people would go at this late at night, but I think everyone was wanting to be somewhere to stay cool at night and enjoy the music and the food.


There were some activities still going on for children at night where they roll around in a plastic ball. It was entertaining because they look like hamsters in a ball. 143821067080041-1

Here are more photos of the fair:



Since we were so hungry, we ate corns-on-cob and kabobs. They were super delicious with all the extra sauces 🙂




There were so many fried foods at the fair and it was tempting to eat some, but it was more fun to take photos of them and enjoy the weird music they were playing.


143821067080041-5 143821067080041-6 143821067080041-7


After we had enough food in our stomach, we went around to the carnivals to see the rides and enjoy the neon lights and techno music blasting out loud. 

143821067080041-13 143821067080041-14

There was a huge sand castle too!



After several hours walking, my husband tried one of the foot massage machines. He enjoyed it very much.


What an amazing night we had at the fair!143821067080041-15








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