Airbnb in New York!

My husband and I are in New York for his business trip. We decided to use Airbnb because we had a great experience in San Francisco and it is a cheap alternative to an expensive hotel. We chose to stay in Wall street because it is closest to my husband’s work. However, there aren’t many places to go shopping for food or clothing so it required me to travel by subway to get some necessities. I was really terrified to go on the subways alone, but I was able to go by myself and get all the groceries! Here are the photos of the Airbnb place!143821067080041-1143821067080041

We chose a place with a kitchen so we can cook some meals at the studio and go out to eat on some days. My husband researched this apartment and found out it is on the market for 2 million dollars! I can’t even believe it is that expensive!143821067080041-2

The place is a studio, but it has an awesome view!
143821067080041-3 143821067080041-4 143821067080041-5

The bathroom is really nice too!

143821067080041-6 143821067080041-7 143821067080041-8

What I love about Airbnb is that they have places like this hotel like apartment with access to laundry room, gym, and roof top view, which are all included with the room!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 6.54.13 PM

Photo courtesy:


The 360 view of the rooftop is amazing!!!


143821067080041-3 143821067080041-4 143821067080041-5

143821067080041-6 143821067080041-7 143821067080041-8 143821067080041-9


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