Places We Visited in New York the Second Time Around

Our Airbnb was on Wall Street so we were able to walk to my husband’s company and see all the famous buildings on the famous street. It is a magical experience to see one of the oldest churches in New York on your morning stroll. Trinity church was built during the time of the British colonization and it was the first Anglican Church. I also learned that Wall Street itself is one of the oldest street in New York. It has a long history of trading goods all the way from the 1600s. The famous buildings on Wall Street are the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall National Memorial.



After two weeks of walking the same street to my husband’s company, we felt like we were no longer tourists, but residents.

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We also went to visit the famous park above the ground called the High Line. The High Line was originally built for trains to travel above the busy streets from the 1930s. However, now it is replaced with nature and pavements that have been architecturally designed to blend with the old train tracks.

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We have been to the Time Square, but we had to visit again because there really is no place like the atmosphere at the Time Square. We didn’t know that in mid-August there would be so many tourists.
14453990754241-14 14453990754241-15 14453990754241-16 14453990754241-17

We went to visit a local farmer’s market near our friend’s place in West Harlem. The fruits and vegetables looked delicious and fresh. Most of the produce items were actually cheaper than the local New York grocery store.

14453990754241-1814453990754241-19 14453990754241-20


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