Yelp Time in New York!

My husband and I were craving Vietnamese food when we were in New York. We found a place on yelp called Obao that had high ratings on food and service. The pho that we ordered was delicious and the price was reasonable unlike the other New York restaurants we went too. I also liked the ambience of the place and the unique lanterns created a relaxing atmosphere for us to enjoy our food.

I was craving ice cream so we went on yelp to find this shop that had high ratings; it is called Ample Hills. I thought the ice cream was not anything special, it was very rich in flavor maybe too much for me. I felt the price was ridiculously expensive for the ice cream. I’m not sure if my husband and I would recommend this place to others, yet there was a long line of New Yorkers waiting to get their ice creams. I think the only thing I enjoyed about this place was the fact that this place was inside of a food court where there were many different cuisines to choose from.


We went to visit my husband’s relative in West Harlem and he recommended the place called the Streetbird. We looked up the place on yelp and it had no 3 stars so I was a bit hesitant about the place. However, we found out it was more about the service than the actual food. The restaurant had a fun vibe and the food was delicious and the service wasn’t mediocre, but it did take awhile for the waitress to take our orders.  We ordered the Crispy bird sandwich, which was absolutely divine. The crunchy chicken went well with their special sauce.  There were so many places inside the restaurant that we could take pictures of so here they are.


We decided to go to the Italian restaurant called Numero 28  before we left New York because we were craving pizza. This place had high rating on yelp so we went all for it. We ordered the Rustic pizza with green peppers, sausage, mozzarella and tomato. We also ordered the appetizer called Tonno and Cipolla salad, which is a green salad with tuna, onions, tomatoes and olives.





















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