Double Date at Hey 19

My husband and I met up with our friends. We decided to eat at a restaurant called Hey 19  in our local area. The restaurant had great reviews on yelp and we have been wanting to try the place for awhile. Here are pictures of the place.

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I ordered pasta called Froo Froo Pasta, it has local shrimp, meyer lemon, chives, kale & goat cheese tossed with orrichette. The waitress recommended the dish, but I didn’t really like the dish because it tasted mostly of goat cheese. However, my friends and my husband really enjoyed their meals.



My friend ordered the Pan Seared Barramundi, which has caramelized shallot, buerre blanc, button mushroom & spinach sautee.


My husband ordered the Big Ben which consists of stacked mac n cheese croquette, 1/2 lb. sterling silver burger patty, bacon, 19made country gravy, egg, garlic sambal, and chives. His dish was the best out of all of our dishes.



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