NY Food Photos!

Sorry, I am going backwards with my blog. When I was cleaning out my photo folder, I realized that I still had some photos from my cellphone that I didn’t upload to my blog. So here are some left over photos from our trip to New York. The photos you see below are some meals I made at the studio my husband and I stayed. During the week, I cooked dinner to save money. During the weekend, my husband and I explored the city and ate at some amazing restaurants.

This dish is onions and potatoes that were cooked in the oven. IMG_1551.CR2

This dish is chicken with pineapples that I cooked in the oven as well. I added some spices on the top of the pineapples. IMG_1552.CR2

The next photos are places we visited over the weekend. We went to a Korean restaurant where the owner’s mother made homemade dishes. The fried rice and curry was delicious! Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the place. I wish I had written it down somewhere ;(



The photos below are from a restaurant called Cocoron. They were voted as the best Japanese soba place in New York. We had to try the place since they didn’t have one in Los Angeles, Ca.. The soba was so good. The soup was rich in flavor and we wanted to have more soba noodles to dip into the soup. IMG_4189IMG_4191

And lastly, we ended the night with a nice ice cream sandwich because why not? I love red velvet anything, but I especially love it with ice cream so it was perfect. Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the place I bought the ice cream sandwich. I need to make a better effort keeping track of where I am getting my food. IMG_4194


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