Hubby’s Birthday Celebration

Last year on September 2015, I decided to take my husband to dinner and tour for his birthday on the Queen Mary  in Long Beach, California. The Queen Mary retired from traveling all over the world on December 9, 1967 after air travel became more accessible. The ship is now a hotel and used for many events such as business conferences and weddings. There are many well-known restaurants inside the ship. I knew my husband would enjoy the view from the Queen Mary hotel and the historical tour inside the ship that we took before eating dinner. The view on the ship was absolutely stunning and it was really relaxing to sit and watch the calm waters of Long Beach.

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Before the tour on the ship, we had some time to spare so we decided to order an appetizer at the Observation Bar inside the Queen Mary. When we entered the bar, we felt like we went back into time because of the atmosphere and how the bar was well maintained from the time it was built. We really enjoyed the view from the bar and the food. The pita chips were very warm and the spinach dip was rich in flavor. It was the perfect snack before dinner.


After the tour, we ate dinner at the Sir Winston inside of Queen Mary. Again, the space was romantic and we enjoyed the view from where we sat. I liked the curtains and the chairs at the restaurant because it reminded me so much of the Titanic movie where the first class passengers enjoyed their exquisite meals. We ordered a salad with blue cheese, scallops and shrimps. I loved the presentation of the food and it made the food even more appetizing to eat. They also served us sorbet after the appetizer to refresh our palate before eating the main course.

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After dinner, we toured the rest of the ship on our own. We enjoyed learning more about the history of Queen Mary and observing the models of different ships. During the tour, they mentioned that there were ghosts walking up and down the hallways. The Queen Mary has many haunted tours for the visitors especially around Halloween. I’m not sure how much I believe in ghosts, but I’m sure they profit from promoting ghosts tours for entertainment. Either way, our night at the Queen Mary was very memorable and I was happy my husband was able to enjoy his special day here.

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