Visiting the Local Beaches with My Mother in Law

Last year in December 2015, my mother in law visited us from Japan around Christmas time. We were originally going to visit her in Japan, but since I was pregnant, we decided it was best for her to come to us. We wanted to take her around to as many places possible since every time she comes to California, we rarely have time to do any sightseeing because there is so much other things to complete on our agenda. For example, when she came to visit us two years ago, we had our wedding and so we didn’t have time to take her around after our wedding except for a couple of places. The first beach we went to visit was Redondo Beach, California which is right in our backyard. It was very cold outside, but she really enjoyed the view and watching people play volleyball till sundown.



The next beach we went to visit on another day was Venice beach, California. There is a famous outside gym where Arnold Schwarzenegger used to body build. My mother in law really enjoyed the unique culture in Venice Beach. There are many different stores selling variety of things from marijuana to sunglasses. We enjoyed people watching and buying fried foods. Here are some photos of the outside gym.


Here are more photos of Venice Beach. They have a museum, basketball courts, tennis courts, graffiti art space, bike/segway rentals and many more recreational things to do right on the beach.

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