Visiting from Beverly Hills to Buena Parks with My Mother in Law

When my mother in law was visiting us from Japan last year in December 2015, we decided to take her to a famous shopping center in Beverly Hills, California called Rodeo Drive after taking her to the local beaches. My mother in law wanted to buy some coffee at a store called Nespresso because she recently bought a coffee maker from this company and needed more refills. She found out that the refills were much cheaper than what she was purchasing from Japan so she was very happy. 145565906187707-1145565906187707 145565906187707-2

We took a nice stroll around Rodeo drive. Here are the photos we took. It was around Christmas time so you can see the holiday theme all over the place.

145565906187707-3 145565906187707-4 145565906187707-5 145565906187707-6145565906187707-7 145565906187707-8 145565906187707-9 145565906187707-10 145565906187707-11
After Beverly Hills, we went to Buena Park in Orange County to see the Titanic and Bodies Exhibition, which was also very interesting. We learned a lot about the Titanic ship and many scientific terms in the Bodies exhibit. I thought it was nice for my mother in law to see the affects of cigarettes on our lungs because she was in the process of quitting smoking. I also learned that many people passed away from the Titanic because of hypothermia rather than drowning. There has been more discoveries about the Titanic since new technologies have allowed divers and submarines to go to deeper depths and research how and why the Titanic failed. 
145565906187707-2 145565906187707

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