Our Wedding Anniversaries of 2015 and 2016

My husband and I have two wedding anniversaries that we celebrate each year. One is when we got officially married in the courthouse with our immediate families in February and the second one is when we had our wedding ceremony and reception with our friends, relatives and family in October. When we celebrated our wedding […]

Lunch Date With Mom

During the weekend, I picked up my mom from her doctor’s appointment and decided to take her to a nice restaurant near the beach. We decided to go to La Playita Cafe. It was quiet and they have delicious food. After we ordered our meals, we got some chips and salsa. The chips were warm and […]

Dad’s Birthday Present

Every year our tradition as a family is to cook for our parents when its their birthday. My dad’s birthday was on the first week of August so we cooked him a meal and enjoyed our time with each other. We decided to make homemade pizza for him. It was super delicious. We also came […]

Time for Summer BBQ!!!

My husband and I helped plan and host the annual summer BBQ with our Buddhist organization. There were lots of delicious food and games for everyone to enjoy. Here are the photos of the food people brought from home and meat and vegetables that were cooked on site. The chicken and pork strips were marinated […]

I Ventured Out To Try the Cheese Gratin Udon

This was the second time my husband and I went to this Japanese restaurant called the Marugame Monzo. This restaurant has a lot of great reviews on yelp. I wanted to try a completely different dish this time around, a dish that I would normally not order. This restaurant makes their udon noodles from scratch. […]