Midnight at the Orange County Fair

Every year in Orange County, California, they hold a month long fair. The fair is filled with lots of live music, animals farms, dirt bike shows, rides, stores, exhibits, carnivals, hangar, and more. Every year, we go during the day, but this year for some reason the temperature was rising more than usual during the […]

My Unforgettable Birthday Experience!

I got a tattoo on my birthday! I can’t believe I went through with it because I often chicken out on everything I say, but for some reason this time around I decided that I would stick to my decision and follow through. I already had in mind for months what my tattoo would be, […]

I See Colors Everywhere!!

My husband and I go to different 5k runs every year. This year I was invited to go with my friends from my Buddhist organization so I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to exercise and have fun. I used to enjoy going clubbing when I was younger, but now my hobby is going […]