Visiting from Beverly Hills to Buena Parks with My Mother in Law

When my mother in law was visiting us from Japan last year in December 2015, we decided to take her to a famous shopping center in Beverly Hills, California called Rodeo Drive after taking her to the local beaches. My mother in law wanted to buy some coffee at a store called Nespresso because she recently […]

Our Trip into the Snowy Forest of Sequoia National Park!

My husband and I decided to take a trip to the Sequoia National Park in California for Thanksgiving last year in 2015. My husband has always wanted to see the giant Sequoia trees that have lived for thousands of years. I was a bit worried about the trip because I was still in my first trimester […]

Places We Visited in New York the Second Time Around

Our Airbnb was on Wall Street so we were able to walk to my husband’s company and see all the famous buildings on the famous street. It is a magical experience to see one of the oldest churches in New York on your morning stroll. Trinity church was built during the time of the British […]

Visiting More Beaches in July!

My husband and I decided that we would visit more local beaches during the summer. We love being near the ocean. My husband especially loves being near the water because he is a surfer. He always surfs at San Clemente, but he has never been to the San Clemente pier. Here is a link to […]

Summer is Finally Here So Why Not Visit the Local Beaches!

My husband and I go to the local beaches frequently during the summer so we took the opportunity of the great weather to visit. The first place we went to visit was Huntington Beach in California. Here is link on huntington beach. They were having a summer festival when we went so we were able to […]