Lunch Date With Mom

During the weekend, I picked up my mom from her doctor’s appointment and decided to take her to a nice restaurant near the beach. We decided to go to La Playita Cafe. It was quiet and they have delicious food.


After we ordered our meals, we got some chips and salsa. The chips were warm and it went really well with the cold salsa.

My mom ordered the vegetarian omelet, which has mushrooms, spinach, bell pepper, tomato, onion and cheese.  

I ordered the spinach and mushroom quesadilla with guacamole and sour cream. It was delicious!


The restaurant has a section towards the back with heart shaped locks with names on it. It adds a romantic touch to the restaurant. 





The Night Tour of the One World Observatory

Before the day we left for New York, we decided to be tourist and visit one last place.  Everyone told us to go and see the One World Observatory because it was completed this year. We really enjoyed seeing the observatory.


There was a pass for day or night. We took the VIP night pass because we assumed it would be very busy, but we were wrong. It was more crowed during the day than during the night. We bought tickets here:


We took a little detour inside the One World Observatory and were amazed of the structure of the building. I felt like I was in a futurist movie.


We were impressed by the the different visual slides of how the One World Observatory was built.


The view outside of the One World Observatory was amazing. Here are the pictures we took.


When we left the One World Observatory, we noticed the walls were not flat, but angled with thick glass. I was at awe with all the details of how the building was created.


Bye New York for now 😉 











Yelp Time in New York!

My husband and I were craving Vietnamese food when we were in New York. We found a place on yelp called Obao that had high ratings on food and service. The pho that we ordered was delicious and the price was reasonable unlike the other New York restaurants we went too. I also liked the ambience of the place and the unique lanterns created a relaxing atmosphere for us to enjoy our food.

I was craving ice cream so we went on yelp to find this shop that had high ratings; it is called Ample Hills. I thought the ice cream was not anything special, it was very rich in flavor maybe too much for me. I felt the price was ridiculously expensive for the ice cream. I’m not sure if my husband and I would recommend this place to others, yet there was a long line of New Yorkers waiting to get their ice creams. I think the only thing I enjoyed about this place was the fact that this place was inside of a food court where there were many different cuisines to choose from.


We went to visit my husband’s relative in West Harlem and he recommended the place called the Streetbird. We looked up the place on yelp and it had no 3 stars so I was a bit hesitant about the place. However, we found out it was more about the service than the actual food. The restaurant had a fun vibe and the food was delicious and the service wasn’t mediocre, but it did take awhile for the waitress to take our orders.  We ordered the Crispy bird sandwich, which was absolutely divine. The crunchy chicken went well with their special sauce.  There were so many places inside the restaurant that we could take pictures of so here they are.


We decided to go to the Italian restaurant called Numero 28  before we left New York because we were craving pizza. This place had high rating on yelp so we went all for it. We ordered the Rustic pizza with green peppers, sausage, mozzarella and tomato. We also ordered the appetizer called Tonno and Cipolla salad, which is a green salad with tuna, onions, tomatoes and olives.





















Places We Visited in New York the Second Time Around

Our Airbnb was on Wall Street so we were able to walk to my husband’s company and see all the famous buildings on the famous street. It is a magical experience to see one of the oldest churches in New York on your morning stroll. Trinity church was built during the time of the British colonization and it was the first Anglican Church. I also learned that Wall Street itself is one of the oldest street in New York. It has a long history of trading goods all the way from the 1600s. The famous buildings on Wall Street are the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall National Memorial.



After two weeks of walking the same street to my husband’s company, we felt like we were no longer tourists, but residents.

14453990754241-8 14453990754241-13

We also went to visit the famous park above the ground called the High Line. The High Line was originally built for trains to travel above the busy streets from the 1930s. However, now it is replaced with nature and pavements that have been architecturally designed to blend with the old train tracks.

14453990754241-34 14453990754241-35 14453990754241-36

We have been to the Time Square, but we had to visit again because there really is no place like the atmosphere at the Time Square. We didn’t know that in mid-August there would be so many tourists.
14453990754241-14 14453990754241-15 14453990754241-16 14453990754241-17

We went to visit a local farmer’s market near our friend’s place in West Harlem. The fruits and vegetables looked delicious and fresh. Most of the produce items were actually cheaper than the local New York grocery store.

14453990754241-1814453990754241-19 14453990754241-20

Strolling Chelsea Market

Sorry, these blogs will be out of order for now because I have not been able to blog due to my work schedule. I am trying to post all my New York blogs. Thank you!!!!

During the weekend, my husband and I went to visit the famous Chelsea Market in Uptown New York. I enjoyed the different stores they had and the smells of the varieties of spices and teas. The atmosphere was nothing like I experienced before.


The Chelsea Market is also known for the Youtube office space. We didn’t go inside, but it was exciting to see the elevator door with the Youtube logo.


There were many places inside the market to take photos because of the decorations.



This is a flea market inside of the Chelsea Market, they had many independent artists selling their artwork. 

We didn’t eat at the Chelsea Market, but we saw the numerous choices of food. There were seafood and spices imported from around the world. The pastas were created by hand and the cookies were made with thought and dedication.


14453990754241-24 14453990754241-25 14453990754241-26





Another Trip to the Courthouse!

Recently, my husband and I went to the courthouse to see my friends get married. It is nice to take the trip to the courthouse to remind the day we signed papers to get married. Here is a picture of my friend and I before she gets married!


I got her a bouquet from Andes Florist  to hold when she gets married to her wonderful fiance.


After the wedding at the courthouse, we enjoyed dessert at Porto’s bakery. This bakery is famous for their guava cheese pastries and speciality cakes.


Here is a picture of the dessert we picked out. This one is Raspberry Passion Fruit Macaron. It was very delicious with raspberry and cream inside. 

Here is the picture of the Blueberry Strati Cupcake we picked out. It was very soft and the blueberry went well with the cream inside.


Airplane Photo Diary

My husband and I bought our airplane ticket with Virgin America when we traveled to New York from Los Angeles. It was cheap when we first purchased it, but we didn’t realize later all the extra fees that would be attached to this ticket later. For example, to sit in the aisle, we paid extra $60.00 and baggage another $25.00. Inside the airplane was very cold so I asked for a blanket and was told that it would cost $20.00. We learned our lesson to not be fooled by these cheap flights. Other than that, we were able to take nice photos on the plane and off the plane.


143821067080041-1 copy

When we got off the plane, we found a sparrow drinking water from the fountain. I felt it symbolized how nature always finds its way to adapt to the environment that humans have created.


Dad’s Birthday Present

Every year our tradition as a family is to cook for our parents when its their birthday. My dad’s birthday was on the first week of August so we cooked him a meal and enjoyed our time with each other. We decided to make homemade pizza for him. It was super delicious.


We also came up with making a cupcake size pizza by placing the pizza dough inside the cooking pan with holes. It came out great!


We bought an expresso cake at the local bakery. It was not too sweet, which my dad enjoyed!
Our family photo we took after dinner! We are missing my younger brother in this photo. Hopefully, in the future we can be together as a family again.



Airbnb in New York!

My husband and I are in New York for his business trip. We decided to use Airbnb because we had a great experience in San Francisco and it is a cheap alternative to an expensive hotel. We chose to stay in Wall street because it is closest to my husband’s work. However, there aren’t many places to go shopping for food or clothing so it required me to travel by subway to get some necessities. I was really terrified to go on the subways alone, but I was able to go by myself and get all the groceries! Here are the photos of the Airbnb place!143821067080041-1143821067080041

We chose a place with a kitchen so we can cook some meals at the studio and go out to eat on some days. My husband researched this apartment and found out it is on the market for 2 million dollars! I can’t even believe it is that expensive!143821067080041-2

The place is a studio, but it has an awesome view!
143821067080041-3 143821067080041-4 143821067080041-5

The bathroom is really nice too!

143821067080041-6 143821067080041-7 143821067080041-8

What I love about Airbnb is that they have places like this hotel like apartment with access to laundry room, gym, and roof top view, which are all included with the room!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 6.54.13 PM

Photo courtesy:


The 360 view of the rooftop is amazing!!!


143821067080041-3 143821067080041-4 143821067080041-5

143821067080041-6 143821067080041-7 143821067080041-8 143821067080041-9

Midnight at the Orange County Fair

Every year in Orange County, California, they hold a month long fair. The fair is filled with lots of live music, animals farms, dirt bike shows, rides, stores, exhibits, carnivals, hangar, and more. Every year, we go during the day, but this year for some reason the temperature was rising more than usual during the day so we decided to go at night. There were lots of traffic when we were getting off the freeway so we were starving by the time we arrived.

Here is a picture of when we first entered the fair. I didn’t realize how many people would go at this late at night, but I think everyone was wanting to be somewhere to stay cool at night and enjoy the music and the food.


There were some activities still going on for children at night where they roll around in a plastic ball. It was entertaining because they look like hamsters in a ball. 143821067080041-1

Here are more photos of the fair:



Since we were so hungry, we ate corns-on-cob and kabobs. They were super delicious with all the extra sauces 🙂




There were so many fried foods at the fair and it was tempting to eat some, but it was more fun to take photos of them and enjoy the weird music they were playing.


143821067080041-5 143821067080041-6 143821067080041-7


After we had enough food in our stomach, we went around to the carnivals to see the rides and enjoy the neon lights and techno music blasting out loud. 

143821067080041-13 143821067080041-14

There was a huge sand castle too!



After several hours walking, my husband tried one of the foot massage machines. He enjoyed it very much.


What an amazing night we had at the fair!143821067080041-15